Carder posted a trailer last week about the upcoming provocative pro-life movie, Gates of Hell.

Some  commenters expressed concern about violence in the film. In response, the film’s producer, Molotov Mitchell, posted another film trailer on my Facebook page with the comment:

Molotov here. Gates of Hell does not promote violence. It’s a fictional film about how a handful of extremists react to Planned Parenthood’s extermination of black Americans. For gun-shy pro-lifers, here’s another (less violent) clip:


I know Molotov. Molotov filmed the viral video Kill and Destroy in 2008 (wow, up to 2.5 million views), which featured me relaying my firsthand experience with pro-abortion/pro-infanticide Barack Obama, then a presidential candidate.

Molotov is my kind of on-the-edge. Sit tight. African Americans need to learn the white supremacist plan, spearheaded by Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, to exterminate their race after they were no longer needed for slavery. This film looks like a way to make inroads.

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