This apartment is making me crazy. My bug phobia… I thought I was managing okay… I’m not…. This place needs 15 exterminators, a fire, & a possibly to be nuked from orbit….

I am not sleeping much or well and I am afraid to go in my kitchen and I really really need everything to go right so I can get out of here before I have the breakdown that I feel clawing around in my head right now.

And because of the Stanek sh** I really can’t leave the apartment much or at least not as much as I would & I can’t go out with the boys because I don’t want them to get caught in any kind of crossfire or whatever. And I know that sounds hyperbolic, but I got all these threatening emails & comments for a while and even though I don’t think anyone knows exactly where we live she posted my pic and I don’t want to risk it. Aaagh, I just have to be hysterical for a little while I think & then I can put my mask back on and go back to pretending to be okay….

We are definitely headed out of Memphis post haste (courtesy of my aunt), but first we have to find someplace to stay. Funnily enough I probably would have liked Memphis more if I hadn’t had the Stanek s*** happen.

~ Blogger Mikki Kendall, July 5, writing about her need to exit not only her bug-infested apartment but the entire City of Memphis, partially due to the controversy surrounding her claim that abortion saved her life

[Illustration of Kendall above and Kendall photo posted on this blog came via a blog Kendall posts on and Kendall’s Facebook page]

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