Former Planned Parenthood clinic manager and post-abortive mother Abby Johnson wrote at this week:

Some of you may think the abortionists hold more guilt than the mother. I would disagree. I do not believe women are “victims” to abortion. I have had two abortions. I was not a victim. I was a perpetrator. My children were victims. Women who are coerced to have abortions still have a choice. They still make that final decision. The final “choice” is up to them. They choose to take the life of their child. Their child is the victim….

[O]ver 70% of women who choose abortion are Christians…. These are women who go to church… who sit in Bible studies… who attend Mass… who lead praise and worship groups… daughters of pastors… wives of deacons… you name it, they are having abortions. Why would these women have abortions? Don’t they know it is wrong? Sure they do. Why do we all sin? Why do you sin? We justify it. We rationalize it. We think we just HAVE to….

A counter thought from moderator Carla Stream, also a post-abortive mother who runs the Wisconsin branch of the post-abortive ministry Operation Outcry:

Women are victimized by abortion. Women are victims of those who prey upon them for a price in what can be a very desperate time. We may have been victims at the time of our abortions. We may have been forced or coerced by lies of omission by the abortuary staff. We did not have informed consent. We did not see the ultrasound of our babies. We might have thought it was the right thing to do. We didn’t know then what we know now.

When one walks through abortion recovery there is indeed a step of responsibility to be taken. We were there, we paid for it, we consented. We accept the part we played in the death of our child. We are Silent No More and tell our stories on capitol steps and testify in court to the harm that abortion has caused.

We are no longer victims when we begin to speak out about how abortion has hurt us and reach out to other women hurt by abortion and show them the way to healing.

What do you think? Are aborting mothers victims or perpetrators? Or perhaps it depends on their unique situation?

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