NOW New York City tweeted this a few hours ago…

The link went to a story, which linked to a New York Post story of apparently a terrible injustice served against a child rape victim:

Disgraced WABC sportscaster Marvell Scott (pictured right) will serve only 20 days of community service after pleading guilty today in a sickening child prostitution rap.

In the wrist-slap deal, Scott, 36, admitted only to misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child. The girl had been offered to him as a prostitute in Times Square back in 2008, and was only 14 years old, prosecutors had charged in court papers.

The entire story is too awful for me to print. But the rape was not just statutory, it was nonconsensual.

NOW NYC is right. The story is “disgusting.”

But NOW’s disgust is selective. Had Scott impregnated the girl, NOW would have supported killing Scott’s baby, because his or her mother was the victim of rape.

So on one hand NOW et al feign “disgust” with child rapists getting away with their crimes but on the other hand promote killing the children of rapists, who themselves are also innocent victims of the crime.

It’s not easy being mean.


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