So, with twists in language, “homosexual behavior” is called “gay lifestyle,” “sex outside marriage” is termed “freedom,” and “killing babies” is called “family planning.” Often, it seems, in an effort to add weight to the pro-abortion mantra, the left couples “family planning” with other leftist causes like “carbon footprint” or “saving the planet.”

A recent op-ed in the Denver Post informed readers that “population [is] one of the major contributors to climate change and other environmental crises.” And if population is the problem, what did the editorial writer think the solution is? You guessed it: kill more babies…I mean, do more “family planning.” Therefore, the title of the op-ed in the Post was “Family planning is a gift to planet.”

Written by Dottie Lamm, former first lady of Colorado and a member of the U.S. delegation to the U.N. Conference on Population and Development in Cairo in 1994, the op-ed sounds as though it was torn directly from eugenicist Margaret Sanger’s playbook, bemoaning the fact that some women continue to have more than two children apiece….

In all fairness to Lamm, she’s not alone in her views that all things — even the lives of children — should be sacrificed in homage to planet earth….

[T]he groups that are cajoling the Beckhams would be praising them if they’d only availed themselves of “family planning” and killed their child in the womb. That’s how twisted things get when people exchange worshiping the Creator with worshiping the creation instead.

~Michael J. Norton, American Thinker, August 4

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