In conjunction with the 11th anniversary of the legalization of RU-486 in the U.S., the father of a young woman who tragically died as a direct result of taking the abortion pill has launched an educational website,

In 2003, 18-yr-old Holly Patterson (pictured left) died of septic shock seven days after she took RU-486 at a California Planned Parenthood. Since then there have been nine other reported deaths in the U.S. due to sepsis (serious blood infection) after taking RU-486.

Holly’s father Monty has been an unswerving advocate for women since his daughter’s death, tirelessly educating the public and elected officials on the harm of RU-486.

Monty’s efforts culminate today in the unveiling of his website, dedicated to Holly. The site provides RU-486’s boxed warnings, contraindications, the FDA protocol, risks, and more. Also on the site is an excellent video, only available there at this time. But it’s a must-see.

Monty emailed me a comment:

There are serious health risks associated with the mifepristone/misoprostol medical abortion pill procedure. Those risks must be communicated in a clear, concise, and responsible manner so women can make informed decisions. Women may hear about the rare possibility of death associated with medical abortion from their provider but will be able to tell a more complete story what medical abortion is really about.

Read his press release here.

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