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  • The FRC Blog links to Abby Johnson’s latest post which reveals the morbid “dead baby jokes” she encountered daily while working at Planned Parenthood.

  • Paul Pauker at Live Action concedes Cecile Richards’ contention that ultrasound legislation is “cruel” and “dangerous” – to the abortion industry, that is:

    How is looking at a “clump of cells” a burden? It’s not as if the expectant mother will be looking at a human life with arms, legs, a head, a beating heart, etc. Oh, wait…

    But how is providing this information dangerous? … Planned Parenthood would lose a lot of abortion money. So I concede this, in fact, is dangerous.

  • Created Equal shares a new video demonstrating the slippery slope and sloppy reasoning pro-choice advocates must espouse in order to keep their beliefs consistent:


  • Abolitionist Society discusses the controversial, yet life-affirming movements of the past in light of our present-day responsibilities in society and wonders, “What side of history would I be on?”
  • Mark Crutcher notes how Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun used value judgments from Dred Scott to render his verdict in Roe v. Wade, and also notes how abortion law starkly differs from other laws in America:

    … [I]f we were to apply the same logic to capital punishment that America’s death merchants apply to abortion, our position would be that when a man is charged with a crime, the state has no obligation to prove that he is guilty, it is his responsibility to prove he is innocent. So at the end of a trial, a judge could say to the defendant, “Since the court has been unable to determine whether you did or did not commit the crime, we’re just going to go ahead and execute you.”

    As outrageous as this sounds, it is exactly what the pro-choice lobby is saying every time they defend abortion by claiming that there is some question about whether the unborn is or is not a living human being.

  • Coming Home has a post examining the ethics of treating the effects of Down syndrome using medication.
  • The Culture Vulture describes the “face lift” and catchy pro-abortion slogans (“Children are important. Every child needs to be loved and wanted”) now being used on the ALRANZ (Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ) website.
  • Down on the Pharm reports on the latest concern regarding sperm donation: possible accidental incest.
  • Generations for Life discusses the story of a woman who has chosen life for her conjoined twin daughters, whom she has named Faith and Hope.
  • Moral Outcry writes on the importance of taking back the arts for life and of sharing pro-life media via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.
  • Accepting Abundance links to an article by Jennifer Hartline on the “gospel of tolerance,” which so often misuses the verse, “Judge not, lest ye be judged”:

    It should be edited, however, to read more accurately, “Judge not me nor anything I say, do, or want, lest ye be judged intolerant.” In the vocabulary of the Gospel of Tolerance, sin has no meaning. It has no concept at all…. The real goal here is submission. It’s not enough to “get along” or tolerate quietly. You must approve.

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