An October 21 op ed in states:

Why would legislators in the United States not want to resolve the abortion question? Politicians often are not interested in finding common ground on divisive social issues like abortion. Rather, candidates and public officials like to exploit such controversies for electoral gain. By running on “wedge” issues, candidates can attract voters who ordinarily would support the opposition….

To be sure, elected officials and candidates are not driven solely by political considerations when deciding their positions on abortion-related proposals. Many officials and candidates vote on the basis of sincerely held moral views and their desire to serve the public’s interests. Nevertheless, other officials and candidates stake out their positions primarily as a means to electoral victory.

I have a real easy time believing pro-abortion politicians have no interest in seeking “common ground” on abortion to keep their ideologues engaged and campaign funds flowing in.

And I know there are politicians who call themselves pro-life for votes but aren’t at heart.

But I kind of think most politicians on either side just wish the issue would go away.

Your thoughts?

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