Pro-life activists from NorthWest Families for Life broke the news two days ago that Dimensions Medical Center abortion mill in Des Plaines, Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago, had permanently closed.

Dimensions was one of seven Chicago area abortion mills owned by abortionist Vinod Goyal, pictured right. Now his chain is down to six.

I called the number to confirm the news, and a receptionist said Dimensions had been closed “awhile.” Turns out the lights were apparently turned off in late August.

While rumor had it Goyal was shuttering Dimensions to move the business to another location, that never materialized. When I called American Health Center yesterday, I was told it did not commit abortions, nor did Goyal practice out of that building.

This past spring NorthWest Families for Life organized a 40 Days for Life campaign at Dimensions, also conducting a Jericho March around the building. Both were led by Fr. Gerard O’Reilly, who serves on the advisory board of the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Respect Life office….

Pro-Life Action League has more. Good job, Laura and Maria!

[HT: Reader James]

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