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  • The San Francisco Chronicle has a story on Monty Patterson, father of Holly Patterson, who died of sepsis in 2003 as a result of an RU-486 chemical abortion. The article details the circumstances surrounding Holly’s death.

  • The Anti Abortion Gang discusses the public television documentary entitled, When Abortion Was Illegal, a movie which appeals strictly to emotional pro-abortion arguments. Interestingly, all the reasons mentioned in the video for abortion no longer apply today, as AAG effectively points out.
  • Coming Home and John Jacubczyk report on Newt Gingrich’s apparent confusion on his own position as to when life begins.
  • Down on the Pharm writes about the NYC woman being charged with self-abortion after putting the remains of her 7-inch preborn child in a dumpster. Pharm wonders what the problem is, since abortion is done every day in NY, legally, for any reason, up to 24 weeks. Is the issue simply that an abortionist was deprived of his livelihood?
  • Big Blue Wave points to examples of pro-life youth entering the medical profession.
  • The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition announces great news from Massachusetts:The Massachusetts Medical Association overwhelmingly voted to re-affirm its position against assisted suicide at their recent meeting. This is a significant decision considering the fact that the suicide lobby has collected signatures to have the issue of assisted suicide placed on the November 2012 ballot.”
  • LTI notes the need to discuss pro-life apologetics in conjunction with abstinence in schools.
  • Mommy Life is seeking stories on what life is like as a sibling of a person with Down syndrome.
  • MN Citizens Concerned for Life points out British abortion proponent Ann Furedi’s contradiction in her view of what makes abortion acceptable.
  • Family Research Council notes that positive behavioral changes such as abstinence are making a difference in areas of Africa with high numbers of HIV/AIDS cases. A trailer for The Road We Know, a documentary on the youth movement to curb the AIDS epidemic in Botswana, is featured below:


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