Philip F. Waterman is a circuit riding abortionist for Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando, Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, and Planned Parenthood of Collier County.

Waterman also operates his own chop shop in Cape Coral.

Waterman is obviously a busy baby killer.

And baby killing has been very, very good to Waterman.

For one thing it has paid for his beautiful waterfront home overlooking the Gulf of Mexico in Ft. Myers

And so abortion is something about which Waterman should be reminded and his neighbors made aware.

Hence, the pro-life picket by 20 activists on January 8, which Waterman happened to drive by.

In this well-produced video by activist Jay Rogers you’ll meet Waterman, be impressed by an astute, young pro-lifer, and hear testimony from snowbirding Chicago pro-life activist and friend Jim Finnegan on the value of picketing the homes of abortionists…


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