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  • Pro-Life in TN informs readers that the directors of Nashville’s Rocketown Youth Center decided they would not host the Planned Parenthood-trained PG13 Players Peer Educators event scheduled for this past Monday:

    PP hoped to use the event to infer credibility and acceptance in a Christian venue. This backfired when word got out and reaction was swift. Just as PP was rightfully kicked out of our state budget in 2011 (and other states) they were kicked out of Rocketown.

  • Americans United for Life points out media bias in the major networks’ lack of (or very sparse) coverage of Planned Parenthood’s scandals and congressional investigation.

  • Bryan Kemper reports on a college student’s resignation from Girl Scouts of America (pictured left) after she was told to turn her pro-life t-shirt inside out at work while off-duty.
  • Speak Up discusses the many ways rapper Jay-Z’s new song about his newborn daughter, Blue Ivy, with wife Beyonce, speaks to how he viewed the personhood of his daughter from conception onward.
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life is happy to see Dear Abby dispensing pro-life advice regarding a couple with “extra” embryos after IVF. She recommends embryo adoption.
  • Scott Klusendorf reveals his predictions (many of them dealing with the pro-life movement) for 2012.
  • Family Research Council explains the Youth Misery Index and why President Obama’s approval rating has dropped by 30% among Generation Y.
  • Operation Rescue has details and audio of a 911 call for a botched abortion that happened two months ago at a Virginia Beach Planned Parenthood:


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