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  • Abstinence Clearinghouse discusses the release of new national sex ed guidelines, authored by the National Education Association and some other groups that may surprise parents.

  • Americans United for Life’s Charmaine Yoest debates Nancy Keenan of NARAL on the Texas sonogram law. Keenan is reduced to filibustering with sound bites:


  • Big Blue Wave shares information on Franz Stangl, the head of the Nazi euthanasia program. Stangl’s justification for killing reminds BBW of the mantras those who make their living promoting and providing for abortions hide behind.
  • Disgusting but true: Down on the Pharm wonders why the leftist media is mortified by the photo of US soldiers urinating on corpses in Afghanistan when this same behavior is considered acceptable as an alternative sex practice.
  • Family Research Council decries the fact that Greece is on the verge of adding pedophilia to its list of disabilities, thereby qualifying pedophiles for government-funded disability pay. Say “hello” to the slippery slope.
  • Live Action has an interesting survey showing that the main population “served” by Planned Parenthood actually objects to PP’s federal funding:

    The question was simple: “Should Tax Dollars for Family Planning Go To Organizations that Perform Abortions?” …

    [N]amely those under the age of 35, blacks, and lower-income people—are the least likely to support their government funding.

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