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  • In the UK, the mother of girl who was impregnated at 14 by an older man warned other mothers:

    It was bad enough to find out what had happened but even worse to find out she was pregnant. It was a nightmare to see my daughter go through the pain of an abortion, and she is still quite ill and has been suffering from depression.

  • Police are investigating the case of a stillborn child who was thrown in a dumpster in Maryland.

  • Richard Doerflinger writes in the National Review about legislation in Washington state which would force every health insurance plan in the state to cover abortions and points out the abject phoniness of “pro-choice” organizations who claim they want to reduce abortions:

    Hailed in the Huffington Post as “groundbreaking” by “reproductive rights” advocate Laura Bassett, the bill is being promoted by the local affiliates of Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America — the same groups that endorsed the birth-control mandate and claimed it would reduce abortions.

    If mandating coverage of contraception is expected to increase use of contraception (in an effort to reduce abortions), presumably mandating coverage of abortion will increase the use of abortion. Supporting both mandates may seem inconsistent. The inconsistency disappears if we recognize that these organizations support both policies in order to reduce live births, on the assumption that this will mean a better America….

    The Washington bill, in requiring insurance plans to treat childbirth and abortion identically, represents a pro-abortion ideology in its purest and most extreme form: It suggests a belief that abortion is the moral equivalent of childbirth, that killing is the same as healing. And that bizarre view must be imposed on everyone who offers, sponsors, or buys insurance — they must provide and pay for abortion on demand as though they believed it too.

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