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[W]e really didn’t think we’d get the opportunity to see Blue Ivy precious face for a long time….

Well, today is our lucky day.

The little lady – who has already made music history, is in the process of having a her name trademarked and was creatively honored and represented by her mother through blue nail polish – finally has a face….

Bey-Bey and hubby Jay-Z set up a Tumblr account dedicated to their beautiful baby girl, and it includes the greatest Kodak moments you could ever think of!

And surprisingly, the duo wasn’t stingy about their pics. The five pictures displayed show some solo shots of Blue, all wrapped up like a burrito in her baby blanket, along with a shot with mama and another photo with daddy.

And, of course, the classic picture of her teeny-tiny hand holding Beyoncé’s.

It’s so adorable, we almost can’t handle it.

~ MSNBC, February 10

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