Exhale is a pro-abortion, after-abortion support organization that believes “abortion can be a normal part of the reproductive lives of women and girls.”

One of Exhale’s solutions to whatever “#healing” may be needed after an abortion? I noted this on Twitter the other day…

 Now obviously by “#healing” Exhale didn’t mean physical healing, or it would have recommended a sitz bath rather than a foot bath.

No, Exhale acknowledges on its site abortion can cause “regrets… grieving… sadness… anger… frustration… jealousy… fear of not getting pregnant again,” etc.

Those don’t sound to me like normal responses to a “normal” component of the reproductive continuum to me.

But what else can Exhale do than offer cosmetic solutions?

Here was a sad note on the site:

I am also one of “those women” who regret terminating. I was 22 at the time and now at 38, am facing the possibility of not having a biological child due to mental health issues. I knew the moment I checked in for my appointment all those years ago that I was making a decision that was going against my heart. I had a lack of resources, a lack of confident, and support. But it just never felt right. And never has since then.

I wonder if the Exhale counselor told this woman everything would be better if she got a foot massage.

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