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  • Secular Pro-Life notes some items of interest on the international abortion front in Russia and Australia.

  • John Smeaton reports on the eugenic screening of eggs, currently being implemented in a Scotland IVF clinic.

  • ProLife NZ sees history repeating itself in different ways – with the extermination of disabled children under the guise of “quality of life”:

Berlin’sTopography of Terror,” museum, which features exhibits on the murderous crimes of German police forces during the Nazi era, has begun a temporary display on the thousands of children euthanized during the same period as “life unworthy of life.”

The exhibition, entitled, “In memory of the children. Pediatricians and crimes against children in the Nazi period,” displays photos and documents related to various Nazi projects concerning the murder and torture of children, such as Action T4 and Lebensborn.”

  • Reflections of a Paralytic has thoughts on Newt Gingrich’s strong statement against the use of embryonic stem cell research, which he formerly supported.
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin discusses the “Roe effect” and contrasts photos of Roe supporters in Wisconsin with March for Life participants in DC.
  • Pro-Life With Christ posts two links where readers can view the annual March for Life in DC, as mainstream media barely covered this half-a-million participant event.
  • ProWomanProLife shares video of the Android app, Iris (similiar to Apple’s Siri), when asked a question about abortion. Surprising!


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