UPDATE 2/11, 8:35a: Apparently C-SPAN experienced a systemwide problem. The video is working again. Grab a cup of coffee and start your weekend out on an uplifting note by watching Metaxas’s speech.

UPDATE 2/10, 6:50p: The C-SPAN video is down. I don’t know if it was removed on purpose or if there’s a technical problem. But you can hear the audio here.

2/10, 5:05p: It’s Friday afternoon. You don’t want to work any more. Do yourself a favor. End your week by watching this speech. It’s a soaring inspiration to pro-lifers, with the bonus that President Obama was forced to hear it.

Backdrop, from National Review (These are just excerpts. Read the entire piece before viewing the speech.):

If the organizers of the national prayer breakfast ever want a sitting president to attend their event again, they need to expect that any leader in his right mind is going to ask – no, demand – that he be allowed to see a copy of the keynote address that is traditionally given immediately before the president’s.

That’s how devastating was the speech given by a little known historical biographer named Eric Metaxas, whose clever wit and punchy humor barely disguised a series of heat-seeking missiles that were sent, intentionally or not, in the commander-in-chief’s direction….

But Metaxas’s most blistering attack, albeit sheathed carefully in good humor and rapier wit, was still to come, for next on his agenda was his careful but dogged determination to link previous attitudes among churchgoers toward slavery and Nazism with those of some present day churchgoers toward abortion. Surrounded by three of the most powerful supporters of the right to choose, Obama, Vice President Biden, and former speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi – two Catholics and a Protestant – Metaxas said:

Wilberforce suddenly took the Bible seriously that all of us are created in the image of God, to care for the least of these.”

After carefully describing the inhumane treatment of both Jews and Africans by those claiming to be Christians, he asked then answered a question:

“You think you’re better than the Germans of that era? You’re not,” adding: “Whom do we say is not fully human today?”

Metaxas’ remarks begin at 35:35. Note you can enlarge to full screen on the lower right:

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