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  • Maryland prosecutors have dropped murder charges against abortionists Stephen Brigham and Nicola Riley. It appears Brigham is being let go because he injected the unborn children with fatal chemicals while in New Jersey, killing them there (despite not having a valid medical license there), creating a jurisdictional issue:

    As first reported Tuesday by the Cecil Whig newspaper, [Cecil County State’s Attorney Edward D.E.] Rollins said in a news release that after consulting expert witnesses, prosecutors realized that fetal demise “created a jurisdictional issue.”

    Thus, Rollins said, Maryland “cannot successfully prosecute these matters at this time.” However, he added, “the investigation is continuing.”

    Lawyers for Brigham and Riley argued that prosecutors had misinterpreted Maryland’s fetal homicide law and its abortion law regarding the issue of fetal viability.

    Brigham’s lawyers argued that the abortion law gives the attending physician the responsibility for determining whether a fetus is capable of surviving outside the womb. “And under the law, it doesn’t matter if others disagree,” Brown said….

    Brown said the latest crisis “has been very stressful for Dr. Brigham. He’s eager to get back to his life and his practice.”

    So post-viability abortion caravans will continue unless New Jersey prosecutors step up and charge this guy with something.

  • The American Thinker has a story by a man whose wife “selectively reduced” triplets to a single child:

    But that emotional scar will ache my whole life. I see my child’s smile every night and anticipate a new one in some months… but I think of the two smiles I will never see.

    Every day, returning from work, I hear “Hi Daddy!” and know there are two voices and two giggles that I will never hear.

    I play with and cuddle my child, looking forward to the same with the second… but I know there are two sets of hands that will never touch mine, two sets of toes that will never be counted, two hugs that will forever be absent from my arms.

  • The Muskegon Chronicle is running stories on unsolved crime mysteries. A recent story is about a 27-year-old woman who was found dead in the Muskegon River. She was going to testify against an abortionist who was caught aborting her child:

    The obvious suspect was Earl Sales, the Flint man whom England was about to testify against. Investigators were also interested in the fact that Sales’ wife was a Flint police officer.

    “In a case like this you’ve got to look for motive,” Knudsen said. “You have no other evidence that you can trace out. So obviously who could benefit by her death? And of course Earl Sales was the obvious guy.”

    But it wasn’t enough.

    Sales was polygraphed twice, the second time just before he was sent to prison to serve 18 months to four years for performing the abortion. (The 63-year-old was convicted of that even without England’s testimony.)

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