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  • Welcome to our newest blog by University of Michigan Students for Life, which is celebrating the group’s first known baby saved in their Pregnant on Campus Campaign. The students used flyers, chalkings, and signage to acquaint students with resources available for them to choose life. Congratulations to them!

  • ProLife NZ shares news of an anti-euthanasia flash mob in France. The secretly planned event was in counter-protest to a public pro-euthanasia demonstration:

    Seven hundred people, young and old, holding red hearts with the slogan “Caring, not killing,” filled the esplanade facing the Eiffel Tower and danced to the sounds of Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die.”

    …Participants [turned] to show the other side of their paper hearts bearing the words: “Solidarity with those who are the most fragile,” after which they lay on the ground to symbolize victims of euthanasia.

  • Wesley J. Smith writes a tongue-in-cheek response to a recent article deriding the obese for driving up healthcare costs. Smith suggests if this lifestyle is to be punished, then the sexually promiscuous one should be as well:

    If that’s the kind of society we want, if we really intend to unleash the lifestyle police, then let’s also target the promiscuous. After all, under the LA Times’ logic… living promiscuously increases the likelihood of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, experiencing or causing an unintended pregnancy, suffering depression and other mental health problems, and so on. In fact, when you think about it, promiscuity leads directly to deadly and very expensive diseases such as AIDS — and in a much faster time frame than either smoking or overeating!

    Maybe this is an issue the First Lady would like to tackle as well. Then again, maybe not.

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin reports that liberal blog Think Progress is shocked – shocked -to find that a conservative summit had a booth that displayed pro-life literature. They write:

    The next room… featured a bevy of literature warning women about the supposed dangers of birth control and telling them that “Chastity is the best choice for single people.” One handout explained that contraception is unnecessary because “Saving yourself for your future spouse is guaranteed to prevent pregnancy before marriage.” Another answered the question “Is it safe?” with a simple “No.” The literature on emergency contraception warned that it could cause cancer before telling women simply, “Be good to yourself. Don’t use the morning-after pill.”

    We are so busted. Informing the public on chastity and on how birth control pills work? Oh the disgrace!

  • Soapbox Five examines abortion proponent Margie Kelly’s claim that fetal health is important – and that pro-lifers aren’t doing enough to address it:

    While glossing over the fact that she supports the idea of mothers killing their fetuses arbitrarily, Kelly blames pro-lifers for not doing enough to make the “fetal environment” healthier through environmental regulations which would lead to better health for mother and child….

    Is death at the hands of one’s mother preferable to being gestated in a potentially less-than-ideal environment? Clean water and air are hugely important for all human beings, but I have to ask: Abortion advocates… do you really want to say that pro-lifers aren’t doing enough to save fetuses because we aren’t focusing all our efforts on eradicating pollution?….

    Apparently Ms. Kelly has no problem with such a claim. Ms. Kelly believes women should be able to have their children scraped and suctioned from their wombs in pieces, but she also believes that fetuses should have the very best possible environment.

  • Stand for Life posts a frightening 911 call following an abortion, in which abortionist Martin Haskell is heard laughing. Just another day for the abortionist who lacks admitting privileges at nearby hospitals:
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