Let’s just say the November presidential election is close, perhaps as close as the 2000 election.

In such a case, Barack Obama would need every vote he can get.

Now let’s say there is a pro-life Democrat in the race, one with name recognition. You see his name, you think pro-life. And you know there are lots of pro-life Democrats out there, banished as they are to the wilderness – and pretty ticked about it.

Might not some of those pro-life Democrats decide to make a statement with their vote? Hey, here’s a voter who opposes infanticide and partial birth abortion. Here’s a voter who believes parents should be notified before their minor daughter aborts. Here’s a voter who is sick of being forced to fund abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Well, an interesting thing happened in Oklahoma last night. Randall Terry got 18% of the Democrat primary vote for president and won 15 counties. According to the Wall Street Journal today:

President Barack Obama won Tuesday’s Oklahoma Democratic primary, but in a slight embarrassment, antigay, antiabortion campaigner Randall Terry swiped a delegate from him.

Mr. Terry, one of two challengers to Mr. Obama, garnered 18% of Tuesday’s vote, crossing the 15% bar for earning a delegate to the Democratic nominating convention this summer…. The voter turnout of 116,000 was the lightest in the state’s history for a Democratic primary.

“There are still Democrats who love innocent babies more than they love the party,” Mr. Terry, who founded the antiabortion group Operation Rescue, told the Tulsa World Tuesday night. Mr. Terry is on the presidential ballot in six states, with the next contest in New Jersey.

Hot Air adds:

If Terry doesn’t release his delegates to vote for Obama, he could keep the incumbent president from unanimous renomination. That doesn’t change the substance of the 2012 race, but it’s still a little poke to Obama’s pride. In general, Terry’s success also demonstrates that pro-life Democrats are alive and well and appreciate the option to vote for someone who shares a fundamental view.

The possibilities – the irony – make me laugh out loud in my quiet, lonely office here. Can you imagine it?

Randall Terry needs donations!  On that note, Terry garnered a big name to speak at a fundraiser for him on March 3 – Ann Coulter, who must also see the possibilities….

Terry tells me he robo-called 233,525 Oklahoma households. In an email he wrote:

The lessons here are simple:

1) If Christian voters see the ads, or hear the message – that Obama promotes the murder of babies, and is attacking the Church and religious liberty – a sizable numbers of Democrats are willing to abandon him.

2) If I can run these ads in the 6 swing states where I will be in the general election, I will cause many democrats to refuse to vote for Obama. The murdered babies could be the cause of Obama’s defeat in 2012.

Terry has some new ads out. View them here.

[Photo via WSJ]

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