Time magazine unveiled its 2012 Top 100 Most Influential People in the World today, and I wasn’t surprised to see Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards’ name once again, despite her bleak poll results.

In fact, of the 25 on Time’s list who had more negative votes than positive, Richards scored the lowest by far, with 45,395 no’s. Mitt Romney came in second with 14,003. Pro-lifers made it clear the Planned Parenthood brand remains vastly tarnished, and abortion remains as controversial as ever.

Additional stats, from LifeNews.com:

This year, Richards placed 84th in the most influential list. Last year, Richards clocked in at the 69th most influential spot.

Time chose Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke, who gained fame after Rush Limbaugh called her a slut for complaining that her Catholic institution wouldn’t pay for her contraceptives (and who was also nominated to the Top 100 but lost), to pay tribute to Richards:

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, 54, is a role model for all of us as she leads women in pursuit of unfettered access to health care and reproductive freedom. She is also my advocate and that of every woman in America, as I learned firsthand when I was publicly disparaged for speaking out on an issue she has been working on every day for years.

Our most basic health care needs – needs that impact our families and our larger economy – are still being questioned. As we look to inspire the next generation of women to join this fight, we’re fortunate to have Cecile as our mentor. There is no better advocate.

Of course Richards is certainly no advocate for “every women in America” unless that means advocating to kill them.

Pro-lifers were rooting for Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who made the list, as did Tim Tebow. Both had positive poll results: Dolan 42,796/23,653; Tebow 11,502/8,999.

[HT: LifeNews.com]

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