I’ve spent the last decade or so trying not to get pregnant. Thanks to the simple and effective methods offered by modern medicine (and the feminist movement), it hasn’t been hard. For women in my millennial-ish age group, too-early pregnancy has been the freedom-choking bogeyman that kept you from getting to do all the things women are ready and able to do now — college, jobs, geographic relocation, delaying marriage, the list goes on….

Unfortunately, all this non-pregnancy has a side effect. Women today are surpassing men in higher education, and may soon become America’s predominant breadwinners. There’s no doubt that when it comes to goal-oriented achievement, we’re kicking a**. Until, that is, the time comes (and it comes in our 30s, whether we like it or not) to perform the most elemental task that women can and have been doing for millennia….

So here we have it: many products of post-feminism are having no trouble attaining a graduate degree (or two) but plenty of trouble conceiving a child. And most especially, they’re having trouble doing it with the speed and control with which they do everything else….

[T]he control we’re now able to exert over our lives doesn’t extend to the biological, whether we like it or not.

~ Melissa Lafsky, The Daily Beast, April 17

[Photo via coastalhealthmatters.com]

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