A few months back an author named Matthew Pope asked if I would like to read the pro-life book he wrote, Emily’s Verse. I said sure.

Emily’s Verse blew me away. Its description, per Amazon, explains the concept but doesn’t do the book justice:

Follow the life of Emily as she navigates the trials and tribulations of life. This series of poems illuminates the simple beauty and pain of life as we know it.

Emily’s Verse is a small book and a quick read – can be done in under 30 minutes.  Its compact, compelling message and inexpensive price ($9) make it a great small gift to buy in bulk and distribute in particular to pro-choice friends and family. Without giving anything away, Emily’s Verse is a book that will make them think. It made me cry.

Coincidentally, a several readers have emailed me the last few months recommending Emily’s Verse, for example, Sara:

I wanted to give you a heads up on a book I read this weekend that I can not seem to get out of my mind.  My mother came over on Sat. with this little book Emily’s Verse by Matthew Pope.  She told me it would take about 25 minutes to read and then she sent me to our den.  She took the kids out in the back yard to play so not to interrupt me.  She was right, it took about a half hour, but as I said the book is still with me.  If you have already read the book, then I am sure you know what I mean, but if not then I humbly recommend the book.  I even gave the book to my husband to read and he came back a little teary!

The Kindle edition of Emily’s Verse is a mere $1.99. The curious can be reading Emily’s Verse in five minutes.

Matthew believes so strongly in the persuasive nature of his book he has purchased ad space here. See the pink ad on the right side of the home page.

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