by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

    • Parents Heather and Patrick Walker (pictured left, with their son) took Facebook to task for banning their profile after the couple posted photos of their newborn son, Grayson, who lived only 8 hours after being born with anencephaly. Fox has video.
    • Here’s a horror story regarding how some people in Asia are using fetal remains. In Bangkok, a man has been arrested after authorities discovered he was trying to sell the bodies of unborn children which had been roasted and covered in gold leaf:
      Police said Taiwan native Chow Hok Kuen, 28, was arrested after police found the fetuses – from 2- to 8-months-old – in a suitcase in a hotel room in the Yaorawat area, Bangkok’s Chinatown, the Bangkok Postreported.The man had bought the fetuses several days ago from a Taiwanese man in Thailand for $6,500 and planned to sell them on Taiwanese Web sites for up to six times that amount, police said….In Thai black magic rituals, the Post said, preserved fetuses are believed to bring good fortune to their owners and are often kept in shrines at homes or businesses.
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