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  • At Ethika Politika, Mandy Jade Kramer describes the “real war on women”:

    Femininity, not just femininity, but true femaleness, in its purest, most natural, genuine form, is being attacked. It is downright hated. Real life-giving, life-affirming, God given femaleness is being ragingly stamped out, and those who possess this trait (females) are punished and forced to change. Under the guise of equality with men, those who claim to advocate better, or equal, treatment for women, are actually not treating them equally to men at all. They are treating them worse.

  • At National Review, Michael New debunks Guttmacher’s misleading claim that a decline in teen birth rate is the result of increased contraceptive use.
  • Big Blue Wave examines the views of teens in the latest survey by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.
  • In this election cycle where so many seem to think the economy and social issues are unrelated, American Life League describes how abortion actually impacts our economy.

  • At The Leading Edge, Brendan Malone reviews and recommends a book by Australian feminist Melinda Tankard Reist entitled, Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls:

    What I really liked about this book was the fact that it went beyond just examining the actual problem of child sexualisation itself, and even included commentary which explored this problem as being a symptom of a much bigger problem of the cultural loss of an authentically human and virtuous sexual ethic.

  • At the Washington Times, Anna Franzonello dissects Planned Parenthood’s position on sex-selection abortions:

    In the interest of ending gender-based killings, it is worth repeating: Planned Parenthood does not deny it is a willing participant in sex-selection abortions unless it becomes illegal. Planned Parenthood is case in point why laws against sex-selection abortions, which have been enacted in four states with bipartisan support, are important and effective.

For anyone still inclined to believe Planned Parenthood genuinely cares about gender bias, and who is tempted to adopt its “strategy” of “nonjudgmental discussions” and wishful thinking to end gender-based killings: Remember, so long as it is legal, Planned Parenthood will take cash, check or credit card to abort the unwanted girls.

  • Live Action says the OK Supreme Court’s decision to “invalidate the Oklahoma Personhood Act” may have put the personhood issue on the fast track to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Abortion Recovery International plans to hold a Share Symposium from July 16-18 in California:

    The theme for 2012… sends a very personal message to: psychologists, therapists, counselors, pastoral caregivers, those leading recovery programs, to those providing awareness opportunities, to the church, resource centers, as well as other community agencies (celebrate recovery groups, rape and sexual abuse counselors, eating disorder specialists, nursing and medical staff etc.)Register here.

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