The pro-life film 180, which includes a couple graphic pictures of aborted babies, is now being shown during mega-church worship services, according to From a May 15 press release:

Some of the largest churches in America are equipping their members to stand up for life by presenting the award-winning movie called “180.” The powerful video, by evangelist and best-selling author Ray Comfort, uses a simple line of questioning to help eight pro-abortion individuals change their minds and become pro-life… in seconds – something that apologist Greg Koukl has called “the Colombo Tactic at its finest.”

According to Comfort, several popular Southern California churches have taken their entire Sunday morning service to show the movie then have him speak for half an hour. “It’s a great way for pastors to get their people to stand up for life – and to vote according to those convictions – because the video does all the work of changing minds about abortion,” said Comfort.

To date, “180” has been seen by over 4 million people, including 3 million views on YouTube, something that Comfort says is “unheard of for a 33-minute pro-life film.” His ministry, Living Waters, reports that the video has helped to change countless minds about the abortion issue, has saved the lives of several unborn children, and has even helped to save souls through the video’s gospel presentation.

Comfort said that the abortion issue should be a hill to die on for the Church. “However, the way to attack it is to boldly proclaim the gospel that changes the human heart,” adding that his ministry’s goal is to equip Christians to share their faith. Churches desiring to promote the biblical view of the value of life are invited to host a “180 Sunday” or to utilize the “180 Course: Changing the Heart of a Nation,” a two-part video series produced in conjunction with Kay Arthur and Randy Alcorn. The “180 Course” equips believers to talk to the lost not just about abortion but also about God.

Some people say focusing on abortion during church may hurt post-abortive mothers and fathers and intrude on their ability to worship and make church cease to be a place of respite. others say doing so may turn off seekers.

What do you say?

[Photo is of Comfort speaking at Calvary Chapel in Albuquerque, New Mexico]

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