by LauraLoo

Helen Gurley Brown, who invited millions of women to join the sexual revolution as longtime editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, died Monday at age 90.

Sex and the Single Girl, her grab-bag book of advice, opinion, and anecdote on why being single shouldn’t mean being sexless, made a celebrity of the 40-year-old advertising copywriter in 1962. Cosmo sales grew every year until peaking at just over 3 million in 1983, then slowly leveled off to 2.5 million when Brown left in 1997.


Some of Brown’s more questionable quotes include:

  • “You can’t be sexual at 60 if you’re fat,” she observed on her 60th birthday.
  • “I’ve never worked anywhere without being sexually involved with somebody in the office.”  Asked whether that included the boss, Brown said, “Why discriminate against him?”
  • “My own philosophy is if you’re not having sex, you’re finished. It separates the girls from the old people.”

The Browns were childless by choice.

Ladies: Did Cosmo influence your young adult upbringing and, if so, for the better or for the worse?

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