Yesterday youthful abortion supporters protested Students for Life of America’s “I Vote Pro-Life First” college campus tour stop at Indiana University-Purdue University Ft. Wayne.

The administration had separated our two groups, so I walked to the pro-abortion area to tell them about my experience with Barack Obama, since they were positioned too far away to hear me.

After I introduced myself, their leader (second from left in photo above) yelled, “Don’t listen to her, and remember not to talk!”

I got only as far as a couple lines into my testimony when she started shout-singing the song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”

I thought what a strange response that was. Why would college students in particular be so afraid to hear the other side of an issue? Isn’t that part of the reason they’re in college?

I approached the young woman holding the “1 in 3 Women will have an abortion in her lifetime” sign, and asked her, “Do you know that one in three children of your generation were killed by abortion?”

She responded, “I think that’s great!”

“Excuse me?” I asked, pulling out my video camera. “Would you mind repeating that?”

“Don’t talk to her!” their leader shouted again, and the sign holder went mum. I knew she had been put on the spot and was blurting out something I hope she didn’t really mean, but I realized why the group had been instructed not to listen or speak: They haven’t thought beyond the clichés – and are either afraid or don’t want to.

I thought were the situation reversed, and these pro-abortion young people had tried to engage the pro-life young people in conversation, our side would have been happy to comply. We have great depth of knowledge. I have never heard a pro-lifer say, “Don’t listen to them, and don’t speak!” How odd and how revealing that would be.

How odd and revealing my encounter yesterday was.

Here’s a great recap of our event by I’m so proud of our young people!

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