Twenty weeks into Spelling’s fourth pregnancy, doctors diagnosed her with a condition known as placenta previa – a condition in which the placenta covers the cervix, leading to massive internal bleeding. She was even at risk for a bleed catastrophic enough to force doctors to terminate her pregnancy.

“I just remember thinking, I can’t leave three children behind,” Spelling, 39, tells Us exclusively of Liam, 5, Stella, 4, and Hattie, 12 months, who she shares with husband of six years Dean McDermott….

Fortunately, after enduring nine massive bleeds – and one very close call – Spelling safely welcomed baby Finn Davey McDermott on Aug. 30.

“When they put him in my arms I was like, ‘We made it.'” she tells US. “We have an insane bond. We’ve been through hell and back.”

~ Actress Tori Spelling describing the relief she felt in delivering her son after experiencing a difficult high-risk pregnancy, in an interview with US Magazine, October 10

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