France on Monday unveiled a package of reforms designed to increase access to abortion, including 100 percent reimbursement of medical costs by the state social security system….

In a statement the government said the move was “necessary to ensure all women have equal access to abortion.”

The move… was a manifesto promise by Socialist President Francois Hollande [pictured] ahead of his election victory in June.

The government also announced that it would increase the amounts clinics are allowed to charge for carrying out abortions to bring them closer into line with their real costs and to facilitate better support for patients….

As well as promising to ensure the costs of abortion are fully covered, Hollande’s election manifesto included a pledge to ensure terminations were available at every major hospital across the country.

~ The Raw Story, October 1

[Editor’s note: Perhaps France’s new 75% top tier tax rate will be used to help pay for the new abortion access reforms?]

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