Hand holding can be physically challenging. I have come home with scratches on my hands from fingernails, or swollen fingers that were gripped too tightly for too long….

The more challenging part is finding fresh but neutral points of conversation. I want to keep her distracted and entertained but dodge any potentially emotionally triggering topics…

Hand holding can be emotionally draining. On days where this is my role, I usually will go home, eat junk food, and watch either an Tina Fey [sic] or Amy Poehler sitcom to return me to a reasonable level of my emotional equilibrium. I want to watch something funny and silly, but still with a feminist undertone….

If you have the opportunity to hand hold at your clinic, I recommend attempting it at least once. It is not for everyone, but I have definitely learned more in that position than in my entire career of reproductive justice.

Handholding [sic] is like a good Barbara Walters segment, it’s a soft interview and sometimes, the guest cries.

~ Anonymous guest blogger describing her experience as the un-official hand holder at the abortion facility where she works, Abortion Gang, October 19

Photo via Women’s Health In Women’s Hands

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