by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli

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  • Secular Pro-Life spots an employment ad seeking an abortionist for an apparently “lucrative” position with American Women’s Services, which “operates sixteen abortion offices on the East Coast.” And doctors don’t even have to have GYN training – what luck!

  • Women’s Rights Without Frontiers explains that despite reports to the contrary, China has not abandoned coerced abortions or their One-Child Policy. With the country’s demographic winter on he horizon, a think tank is recommending easing into a two-child policy, then abandoning the policy by 2020. This, however, is only a recommendation and would not end the problems of coercion and gendercide.

  • Voice for Hope takes on critics after receiving a barrage of “Biblical” pro-choice justifications for abortion after posting a pro-life, Christian graphic (pictured left) on Facebook.
  • John Smeaton discusses Savita Halappanavar’s death, which is being blamed (by abortion advocates) on Ireland’s strict abortion law. Smeaton disagrees with pro-life Catholic commentators who claim that it would have been acceptable to induce labor:

    Savita was in the 17th week of pregnancy. There is no scientific evidence that unborn children are capable of surviving outside the womb at such a young age. If the doctor in Savita’s case had agreed to induce her child, he would have been performing an abortion. The principle of double-effect would not have justified inducing Savita….

    Smeaton also states that there are alternatives to induction which were not exercised in this case.

  • Michael New responds to a new “study” which claims that states with incremental pro-life laws have higher levels of abortion clinic harassment:

    The authors fail to consider that… even though individual clinics in conservative states are more likely to report various forms of harassment — the fact there are fewer clinics in conservative states might mean that the actual amount of harassment might be relatively similar in conservative and liberal states.

    Interestingly, despite all its shortcomings, the study finds that there was no statistically significant difference in clinic-violence rates between the most “pro-life” states and the most “pro-choice” states. There was some evidence that clinics in “pro-life” states had a higher rate of minor vandalism. However, even in the most conservative states, only a small percentage of clinics reported any kind of vandalism. Of course, these facts will go unreported in the mainstream media.

  • Reflections of a Paralytic posts a cartoon pointing out a double standard that is alive and well (pictured right).
  • Moral Outcry examines Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards’ post-election statements against states like Texas, who are attempting to defund the organization:

    The president of Planned Parenthood wants you to know, “There’s no better place in America to make sure that women have an opportunity than at Planned Parenthood.”

    Yeah, you heard that right. According to Cecile Richards in San Antonio Current, abortion gives women opportunity. I suppose her reasoning is that if a woman’s birth control fails, or she forgets to use it — or simply doesn’t want to — then she has an out called abortion, aka killing your unborn baby so that you can continue with your opportunity. Discussing the election and then pointing her fingers at Texas, Richards asserts that a world without Planned Parenthood just wouldn’t be a good place.

  • At The New Feminism, Marjorie Murphy Campbell excoriates both political parties as “delusional,” claiming neither understands women and the realities they face today. She also makes the questionable claim that, for “most women,” “abortion and contraception are not moral issues. They are issues of survival.” The prevalence of single parent households (some by choice) is a sad reality, but the fact that one political party made free contraceptives a campaign issue (and won) is even more disturbing.
  • Stand for Life shares a pro-adoption ad during National Adoption Month, which is running on the Oxygen Network:


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