by Jill

I love Michael Voris. Even though I’m Protestant I always find his ChurchMilitant.TV videos, which are addressed to fellow Catholics, insightful.

Michael’s new video is spot on – chillingly so. All Christ followers can apply Michael’s message. (I’ll not take personally his slam of “emotion-laden, feel-good Protestantized liturgy.” I know the soft sell is out there – in all denominations.)

I think particularly with the passage in two states this past Tuesday of homosexual marriage, the floodgates to America’s demise have been opened.

This, in conjunction with Barack Obama’s re-election, means we’ve entered a new era. A Protestant “amen” to Michael’s thought: “Nothing sticks to this man. And for someone in such possession of the diabolical mind, a faithful man has to consider and wonder about the possibility that Obama is somehow protected, that some kind of supernatural aspect attends this man.”

Great preaching…


I do hope, though, Michael is wrong that “abortion is now here to stay – forever.”

I know there are those who will say Michael is being overreactive.

I say he’s a prophet.

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[HT: Andy Moore on Facebook]

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