For 12 years Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust have been singing Christmas carols and bringing gifts to local abortion clinics and are encouraging pro-lifers around the country to do the same. Here’s the gist:

What could be more moving than a carol of Mary with the Christ Child in her womb sung outside of an abortion mill where the innocents are murdered daily?  The words pierce; the tunes seem unusually haunting, your soul cries out for the lives in danger just inside the killing center….

Every Christmas, people just like you – High school students, college students, and families – bring gift baskets to abortion clinics for expectant mothers who are deciding whether to keep the child within them. The baskets are filled with baby blankets, bibs, rattles and booties; but more importantly, the baskets are filled with hope.  Every basket contains a tract offering the love of Christ and information about the precious life growing inside each woman, offering hope in a desperate time.

But that isn’t all; the Survivors also bring gifts to the abortion clinic workers – sincere gifts of love for their hearts and souls.  There is Christmas candy and a booklet sharing our faith in Christ, the very Baby about whom we are singing.

What is easier than singing carols outside an abortion facility?  God says whatever you do for the least of them you do for Him – what will you do?  Will you join us as we sing Silent Night and reach out to the least of these?

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The Pro-Life Action League also conducts two “Empty Manger” caroling tours at abortion clinics in the Chicago area and has a list on its website of other caroling days in Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington.


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