We taped the next episode of Life Talk yesterday, and one of the guests was former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson.

Jackson is now an outspoken conservative.

Jackson described how liberals have been attacking her the past several days for this Facebook post (click to enlarge):

Of course, Jackson made perfect sense.

The Sandy Hook massacre was horrendous, but the fact remains President Obama would have condoned the prenatal and post-birth murder of each and every one of them had the killer been an abortionist.

Obama would even have condoned torturing them in the process, since he opposes anesthetizing babies at the very least as they literally were torn limb from limb.

But here’s a sampling of the insults this brave woman is enduring for speaking truth, from Perez Hilton, who is illogical to boot:

Victoria Jackson, you continue to surprise and disgust us with your incredible ignorance and complete lack of respect….

We feel deeply sorry for Mz. Jackson.

We can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to constantly carry around such anger and hatred.

Hopefully Victoria will one day find peace, and not feel the need to spew such negativity toward her fellow human beings.

Seriously? People who oppose killing preborn children are “spewing negativity” when they call out those who support it?

Jackson followed up her Facebook post with a blog post four days later, and it included the video of me describing live birth abortion to Bill O’Reilly. I didn’t know about the post, and she didn’t know I was on Life Talk when she came on the show yesterday. We shared a warm moment of comradery.

Jackson took an even braver step forward when at the bottom of that piece she posted a photo of an abortion victim. The other side hates it when we do that. They can’t look “choice” in the face.

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