On January 16 Americans United for Life released its 8th annual list of state rankings…2013-01-16_1553

AUL compiles its list according to “existing state laws on abortion, legal protection and recognition of the unborn, bioethics and biotechnologies, the end of life, and healthcare freedom of conscience,” according to its website.

For the third time in four years, Louisiana topped AUL’s list as the most protective state, followed by 2. Oklahoma; 3. Pennsylvania; 4. Arkansas; 5. Arizona; 6. Nebraska; 7. Indiana ; 8. Missouri; 9. Georgia; and 10. Virginia.

The least protective state on AUL’s list was Washington, followed by 2. California; 3. New York; 4. Vermont; 5. New Jersey; 6. Connecticut; 7. Oregon; 8. Maryland; 9. Hawaii; and 10. Montana.

This year AUL added a new feature, a list of All Stars, “five states that achieved significant pro-life success in 2012.” Those were 1. Arizona; 2. Georgia; 3. New Hampshire; 4. Virginia; and 5. South Carolina.

Meanwhile pro-abortion group NARAL has released its 2013 Report Card, giving the nation as a whole a “D.” Of course, pro-life over-achievers long for the day we get a big fat “F.”


NARAL grades a state for reasons opposite of AUL.

NARAL’s favorite states were: 1. California; 2. Washington; 3. Connecticut; 4. Hawaii; 5. Maryland; 6. Oregon; 7. Maine; 8. Vermont; 9. New Jersey; and 10. New York.

NARAL’s least favorite states were: 50. Louisiana; 49. North Dakota; 48. Mississippi; 47. South Dakota; 46. Kansas; 45. Utah; 44. Idaho 43. Mississippi; 42. Nebraska; and 41. Kentucky.

2506The two groups could hardly even agree on which states were among their 10 best (AUL) and worst (NARAL), although in theory the lists should have matched. But only three made both lists: Louisiana, Nebraska, and Missouri. Kudos to Louisiana for making #1 AUL and #50 NARAL!

The groups came much closer in agreement on AUL’s worst vs NARAL’s best. Seven states made both lists: Washington, California, New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Connecticut, Oregon, Maryland, and Hawaii.

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