40Today the 11th 40 Days for Life campaign kicks off.

I mention it because IMO 40 Days is one of the best things the pro-life movement has going.

At abortion clinics where 40 Days prayer warriors have maintained a presence, 6,749 documented lives have been saved, 76 abortion workers have left the industry, and 28 abortion clinics have closed (including one just 1-1/2 weeks ago) – all since 2004.

40 Days is at 261 abortion clinic locations in the U.S. and around the world. Find the one nearest you, and make a point to join in between now and March 24. Of course, pray wherever you are about this God-touched effort.

539858_342915139148486_1365932783_nAlso, as Susie mentioned yesterday, there is a Facebook effort in conjunction with 40 Days to enlist pro-lifers to display the same avatar on their FB page for all 40 days to show support. I’ve joined in on my FB group page, as have 31,354 other pro-lifers at last count.

40 Days for Life hurts the abortion business. Imagine union protesters standing outside nonunion shops, known as “rats,” for 40 days in a row twice a year. It sends a message.


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