Pattie MalletteGuthrie: It’s a movie with a decidedly pro-life/anti-abortion purpose. But [do] you feel like people, as I understand it, are getting the wrong message about what you are trying to say by your participation?

Mallette: Yeah, I don’t feel that it is a pro-life message. I mean, people are going to get from it what they want to. It’s s a true story, it’s a historical piece.  And the reason I wanted to get involved with this film was because, you know, I lived in a pregnancy home my whole pregnancy with Justin, and so this is going to be used as a tool to raise money for pregnancy centers. So regardless of your stance, pro-life, you know, or whatever it is, I just think that anybody would want to help girls in need if they need a place to stay.

Guthrie: Do you feel misled at all by the producers of the film? I mean, if the film has this message and its goal is to – is an anti-abortion message, I mean, are you okay with that? I guess I’m confused about what your position is.

Mallette: It’s not anti – you know, to my knowledge, it’s not an anti-abortion message, it’s not an anti-abortion film…. I’m not trying to make a political stance. The media says all kinds of stuff about where I stand and what I’m staying, and like Justin I’m not trying to get involved in that stuff. I’m here just to help the girls find a place to stay when they’re pregnant and, you know, it really helped me. It saved my life.

~ Pattie Mallette, mother of singer Justin Bieber, defending her involvement in the film Crescendo during an interview with Savannah Guthrie of NBC’s Today Show, via Newsbusters, February 7. Video of the interview available at link link.

UPDATE 2/9, 8:20a: Here’s more in the San Francisco Chronicle on Mallette’s participation in the movie Crescendo.

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