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  • Some Alabama abortionists may have a difficult time getting admitting privileges and complying with the new state law:

    In Birmingham, there is one licensed abortion clinic and its doctor does not have local admitting privileges. And the chance of getting such credentials may be difficult, according to a survey of Birmingham area hospitals….

    The director of Huntsville’s only abortion clinic – which does have a doctor with hospital privileges – told earlier today that the building code requirement would mean they would “probably close”….

    Planned Parenthood operates two clinics in Alabama, one in Birmingham and the other in Mobile. Neither have doctors with local admitting privileges….

  • George Will devotes his column to pro-choice extremism at Planned Parenthood and Johns Hopkins:

    Planned Parenthood, which receives more than $500 million in government subsidies, is branching out, expanding its mission beyond the provision of abortions to the defense of consumers’ rights: If you pay for an abortion, you are owed a dead baby.


  • Autocam Corporation is demanding Planned Parenthood remove defamatory and inaccurate statements about the payment of property taxes. PP attacked Autocam CEO John Kennedy (pictured left) after he sued to prevent the implementation of the HHS mandate. (I can’t find the statements online so I’m wondering if Planned Parenthood has already removed them):

    Autocam Corporation and its CEO John Kennedy have demanded that the Planned Parenthood Action Fund retract the patently false charge that Autocam has not paid property taxes since 1997, as well as other baseless claims circulated by the taxpayer-funded abortion giant. Planned Parenthood leveled the accusations against the Kennedy family as part of a campaign called “The Bosses Who Want to Deny Your Birth Control Coverage.”

    In a letter sent Monday, attorneys for Kennedy show that the campaign is fraught with factual inaccuracies that even the most cursory investigation would have revealed. Public records indicate that Autocam has paid almost $10 million in real property and personal property taxes in the State of Michigan since 1997, including $961,386.74 in the year 2012 alone.

[Photo via EWTN News]

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