IVF is already riddled with moral conundrums, not the least of which is the “selective reduction” abortions that often follow an overly successful IVF procedure (where a woman aborts one or more of multiple babies she has unwittingly conceived). There is also the problem of fertilized human zygotes (aka little humans) who are not selected for implantation being simply discarded without a second thought as to their intrinsic value as humans.

It comes as little surprise, for a procedure that is wont to constantly and consistently put the desires and preferences of parents before the humanity of their children, that the newest contribution to IVF science involves ravaging the bodies of murdered babies for their spoils.

That’s right, people: dead baby girls who have been the victims of abortion are now being utilized for their eggs….

~ Lauren Enriquez, Live Action News, April 2

This is not a new idea. According to a 1994 New York Times article discussing ovary/egg transplant from aborted children, “A 10-week-old female fetus has already made all its eggs, about six million to seven million.”

[Image of 10 week fetus via]

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