ariel castroWe need two separate poll questions asked of the public. Hopefully Rasmussen or Gallup or Pew or someone is game. Question one: Does Ariel Castro deserve death? Question two: Does Ariel Castro deserve death for forcing one of his captives to miscarry?

I wonder if the number who say yes to question one will be greater than the number who say yes to question two, as illogical as that may be.

~ Allahpundit, suggesting poll questions based on the fate of kidnapper Ariel Castro, the Cleveland man accused of kidnapping, raping, and torturing three women for ten years, Hot Air, May 9

Castro allegedly impregnated one of the women five times and forced her to miscarry by starving and beating her. Per the blog post: Under Ohio law, killing a woman’s child when it’s in the womb — if it’s against her wishes — constitutes aggravated murder. Prosecutors are considering seeking the death penalty.

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