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  • The Los Angeles Times has a story on Hoag Hospital’s decision to merge with the St. Joseph Health System and stop performing abortions. To get an idea of how pro-abortion some people in California are, the attorney general of the state is now investigating whether Hoag performed less than 100 abortions a year and is making sure Hoag is “doing enough to ensure that there are accessible alternatives for elective abortions.”
  • Notice the difference in headlines. From the headline in the Denver Post (“Hundreds testify against new Texas abortion regs”), you’d never know pro-lifers testified in favor of the bill.
  • PennLive’s John Micek provides an incoherent reason for why he opposes abortion restrictions:

    And I’ve been equally disdainful of elected officials who put needless obstacles in the way of women seeking access to a legal medical procedure.

    And that’s what abortion is: a legal medical procedure. You can disagree with whether it’s right. I’m of the “safe, legal and rare” school myself. But until something changes, it’s the law of the land.

    So you’re opposed to laws which restrict abortion because legal abortion is the law of the land and it will be that way until something changes (like the passage of a pro-life law which restricts abortion?) Later, Micek goes on to prove he knows next to nothing about the Gosnell case by claiming Pennsylvania’s unenforced pro-life laws inevitably led to Gosnell.


  • Debra Saunders writes about the dangers of egg donation. California is considering a bill to legalize payments to egg donors and one proponent of the measure compared donating eggs to donating sperm:

    Alice Crisci, a cancer survivor and patient advocate for Fertile Action, testified that the ban on research payments “is discriminatory. It assumes all women are incapable of making their own decisions about their reproductive well-being if fair compensation is allowed.” Researchers compensate men for donated sperm, she added, so it’s only fair to compensate egg donors.

    That sperm-egg parity argument is so bogus. When men donate sperm, they risk second thoughts about unknown, random offspring, but they do not risk serious medical side effects. Egg donation, on the other hand, can be hazardous to your health. The New York Times reports, “Egg donors can suffer serious side effects from the powerful hormones needed to generate multiple eggs.” And: “The most significant risk is ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, which can cause bloating, abdominal pain and, rarely, blood clots, kidney failure and other life-threatening ailments.”

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