fetus_21_weeks_alive[A]ccording to CBO [Congressional Budget Office], to the degree that government runs and pays for the health-care system — as it does through Medicaid — aborting late-term babies is a cost-saving measure for government. Letting late-term babies live, according to this reasoning, is an increased cost for government.

The CBO did not estimate how much wealth and job-creating power U.S. society has lost and will lose in the future because 11,000 late-term unborn babies per year are killed by abortionists and not allowed to live out their lives.

~ Terence P. Jeffrey summarizing the Congressional Budget Office’s report that abortions after twenty weeks gestation saves the government money, CNS News, July 8

Incredulous, Guy Benson of Townhall quasi-interviews a representative of CBO to understand why they even went there.

[HT: Matille]

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