shutterstock_123153736-199x300Ladies, the battle against anti-choice, anti-women, anti-cool white dudes has now reached critical mass: within mere hours of each other, both Texas and North Carolina have advanced bills to restrict state reproductive rights. Read along while you file your nails into talons of vengeance and feminism.

The Texas State Affairs Committee – the special session Governor Rick Perry called together after Senator Wendy Davis’ legendary filibuster – voted to approve HB 2, a heinous anti-abortion bill, on a party line vote. The bill is now sent to the full House for consideration next week; if approved, it will go through the same process in the Senate….

And because one repressive, regressive state isn’t enough, North Carolina’s state Senate advanced its own anti-abortion bill by 29 to 12…. What would [HB 695] do if passed? According to The Frisky:

“The bill would require that abortion providers be present for all abortions, regardless of whether the pregnancy termination is surgical (a surgery) or medical (pill form). Additionally, the bill would require clinics that provide abortions to have the same engineering standards as ambulatory surgical centers, which would require additional, expensive updates. Anti-abortion activists have been pushing for such bills around the country because they know clinics will be out of commission while seeking to meet the new requirements.”

~ Colette McIntyre at The Jane Dough, July 3

[Photo via The Jane Dough]

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