clarke-forsytheSuch promises as reduced maternal mortality, divorce and spousal abuse, and the disappearance of “back-alley” abortionists have not materialized.

… [P]rior to the court’s ruling, leading medical associations had been warned about abortion’s many and serious risks. But the Supreme Court, in its 7-2 decisions, simply ignored them. Instead the justices relied, for example, on a flawed 1961 report supposedly attesting to the safety of abortion that was repeated so often it became a mantra. The court swallowed it wholesale….

[T]he Roe justices relied on assurances that abortion did not carry significant long-term risks. But in just two examples of the risk, Forsythe notes, “More than 130 published studies find an increased risk of preterm birth and more than 100 studies suggest an increased risk of negative impact on mental health.”

Not the least of the dire consequences has been 40 years of political turmoil. The Roe and Doe rulings removed a contentious issue from the legislative arena, where the public’s voice is heard, and placed it firmly in the hands of nine unelected, unaccountable personages.

~ Dennis Byrne, Chicago Tribune Opinion, commenting on Clarke Forsythe’s (pictured) new book, Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade, September 23

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