article-2430481-183A09E500000578-667_634x412by Hans Johnson

Editor’s Note (9-30-13): The use of this video as an informational piece in no way means that we endorse the use of IVF. IVF is not a pro-life procedure. Hopefully this will put to rest any further questioning on the matter.

Tuesday morning on TODAY, contributor Jessica Menkhausen had eggs removed live on the program. When mixed in a petri dish with her fiance Derek Manion’s sperm, she will have “viable embryos” inserted in her uterus  live on Friday.

This was Tuesday’s segment on TODAY:


Today’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman, present in the operating room – and apparently lending endorsement to this procedure which needlessly takes so many preborn children’s lives by its nature – is a eugenic abortion advocate.

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[HT: Susan Allen]

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