by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Secular Pro Life applauds abortion workers who outed the illegal operation of a notorious abortionist:

    Abortion workers in Philadelphia have done the right thing, likely saving the lives of unborn babies and, quite possibly, the lives of women as well.According to Operation Rescue, it was abortion workers who outed Steven Chase Brigham’s illegal operation of an abortion business in Philadelphia.

  • We are so used to celebrities being pro-abortion, but A Voice for Hope decided to list openly pro-life celebrities. She found 71. The list may surprise you. Did she miss anyone?
  • Stand for Life reports on anti-abortion “truth trucks” showing pictures of abortion victims in Albuquerque during early voting to ban late term abortions there. Voter turnout is high, according to reports. Local news covered reaction to the photos:


  • Wesley J. Smith comments about New Jersey nurses being told that they would be fired for refusing to assist with elective abortions.  Their own union backed the hospital’s threat to terminate for their refusal to participate. Alliance Defending Freedom lawyers were able to prevail in their lawsuit, but what it  took to do so causes deeper concerns:

    I am convinced that cases like this are the opening stanza of a coming symphony of pressure against Hippocratic medical professionals. Indeed, very powerful forces in politics, culture, and medicine want to conscript medical professionals to participate or be complicit in abortion – and eventually, assisted suicide/euthanasia. (Victoria, Australia, already has such a law for doctors regarding abortion and Quebec’s new euthanasia legislation would force doctor complicity.)


  • At Pro Life Action LeagueMonica Miller, Director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Societytells how chronicling a terrible finding saved another baby from abortion.  After a pro-life activist retrieved the remains of 17 aborted babies from a dumpster in LansingMichigan, as well as the names of the mothers who aborted them (talk about a HIPAA violation!), Monica painstakingly photographed the remains:

    One  of the photos was of a tiny arm and hand of a 7-week aborted baby, torn at the shoulder.

    This photo was printed in my book Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars.

    How that photo saved another life is a touching read. You just never know.

  • Bryan Kemper of Stand True shares an incredible story of a harsh beginning for a young man whose  family members thought should have been aborted. The story of this life is hard to read but has an ending that makes you smile and agree taking the life in the womb is never the answer despite the circumstances surrounding the conception and birth. This is Bryan’s own story and shows that God has a plan for each life.
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