Pro-lifers have been warning for years of the Girl Scouts’ fraternization with the abortion industry.

wendy-dBut it appears we have late-term abortion supporter Wendy Davis (pictured right) to thank for inadvertently providing the tipping point that has triggered the call for a nationwide boycott of the purchase of Girl Scout Cookies, called “CookieCott 2014.”

The Girl Scouts’ December 18 tweet heard round the wafer is still up, despite the Girl Scouts’ January 29 apology, which came six long weeks after the tweet but just nine convenient days before the launch of its annual cookie sale.


Snapz-Pro-XScreenSnapz033The tweet asked, “Is there anyone you’d add to this list? Incredible Ladies Who Should Be Women of the Year for 2013,” with a link to a Huffington Post article that recommended both Davis and Gloria Steinem (pictured left).

Pro-lifers were immediately incensed. State Senator Wendy Davis, as most know, filibustered a ban in Texas of abortions past 20 weeks this past June.

Tone deaf, the Girl Scouts followed up in a December 30 Facebook post by calling radical pro-abortion HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius a woman of “courage, confidence, and character.”

The Girl Scouts’ obvious first strategy was to try to ignore pro-life complaints. But when announced participants in the boycott – including American Life League, Issues4Life Foundation, Life Coalition International, LifeNews.com, National Black Pro-Life Union, Pro-Life Action League, Radiance Foundation, and moi – reached critical mass – it blinked.

But it’s too late to stop the cookie from crumbling. It’s not as if one aberrant tweet were the Girl Scouts only infraction. LifeNews.com has a long list of the organization’s connections to the abortion industry, as does the CookieCott website, which also has a downloadable flier. Also see mygirlscoutcouncil.com, commentary in the Washington Times by Cathy Cleaver Ruse. and coverage by Megyn Kelly at Fox News.

If your daughter is a Brownie or Girl Scout and you’re learning this information for the first time, there are alternatives such as American Heritage Girls and Frontier Girls.

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