Seven scenes of about 20 seconds each are censored in the EMEA console versions of South Park: The Stick of Truth.

“The decision to cut this content from the game was made by Ubisoft EMEA.”

The scenes censored include:

~ A mini-game where a doctor is performing an abortion on the player.

~ A mini-game where the player is performing an abortion on the character Randy.

~ Five “anal probing” scenes in which characters are “actively” being probed. 

Even so, our time with the game so far has shown The Stick of Truth to have some serious potential.

But what do you think? Does it sound like necessary censorship, or is someone taking a joke too seriously? 

~ Games journalist Ian Dransfield, questioning the censorship of abortion mini-games in South Park’s new Stick of Truth video game,, February 25

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